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Welcome to Plimus Affiliate Network!

Dear Binsen,

Welcome to Plimus! We are delighted you’ve chosen us as your Affiliate network and are committed to helping you make more money online.

We know you are ready to begin selling, so follow the 6 steps below to get started:

(1) Login to your Plimus Account:
Username: elexv9
Password: (created upon registration)
Login Page:

(2) Find Products to Sell: From your account, go to the Plimus Marketplace to search through thousands of quality product offers.

(3) Get Approved: Once you find a product that you would like to sell, you need to ask the Seller for approval by clicking on the Sell Now button. You can also filter results by “Automatically Approved Only” products to start selling immediately.

(4) Get Links: When you are approved to sell, the products are added to your Plimus account and you are given up to four different links to promote (depending on each Sellers settings): Trial Download, Product Info, BuyNow and PAD File URL. Each link uses your Affiliate ID as the tracking parameter: “referrer=1034734”.

For example, here is a Plimus BuyNow URL: (where XXXXXXX is your contract ID)
Here is the BuyNow URL with affiliate tracking added:

(5) Start Selling: Once you have your promotional links, add them to your website/landing page and start your marketing campaigns! You can choose any of the provided links to promote the product offer. Since the Plimus cookie is active for 90 days, you will be credited for the sale (as long as the purchase is made within that time span) whether the customer was directed through the Product Info, Trial Download or directly through the BuyNow URL

Note that in order to obtain marketing materials (e.g. banners, coupons, and graphics), you will need to contact the Seller directly. Sellers contact emails can be found on each product page under Product Support Email.

(6) Get Paid: Don’t forget to choose your preferred payment method by going to Settings > Payment Method.

Here are some other great resources to help you get started:

  • Use the new Plimus Get Up & Go GoGuide to steer you through the setup process (click on the blue arrow located at the top right corner of your screen).
  • Access the Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instruction.
  • Visit our Learning Center for getting started tips
  • Go to our Affiliate FAQ page to review common questions and answers
  • Join our social media pages to receive updates on the best offers of the week:
    Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Plimus Blog

For any other issues, questions, or advice, feel free to contact us at:

It’s great to have you onboard! We look forward to a long and positive business relationship.

Best Regards,
The Plimus Team