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HootSuite – RSS, Lists and Hootlet

RSS, Lists and Hootlet


Next up in the JumpStart series, we have a few easy and powerful tools to round out your toolkit. Add RSS feeds and Twitter lists to your dashboard for a new way to broadcast messages and build your audience. Plus, we’ll introduce the Hootlet, a little bookmarklet which allows you to quickly and socially share sites.
There are a few ways to use these tools so check the Help Desk for extra help as well as reviewing the handy tips below.

Hootlet – Our Secret Weapon

The Hootlet is a “bookmarklet” for creating a pre-populated message any webpage with a single click. Just drag the Hootlet from the Launch Bar to your browser’s bookmark bar. When you get a to page you want to share, simply click the bookmark to pop open a small window with an automatically pre-shortens a link to the webpage. You can add text, attach images and schedule and/or send to one or multiple accounts.

Post from Feeds

HootSuite can send automatically send update from RSS/Atom feeds to any social profile – great for publicizing your blog posts or sharing your social bookmarks.
To auto-update your social channels, first hover over the Launch bar, then choose Settings and select RSS/Atom. Then paste in your feed url and select which social networks and your desired interval and HootSuite will send an update out each time your feed is updated.

Create Twitter Lists

Lists are a native Twitter feature to help you organize the people you are following from different parts of your social life. Lists can be public or private and can be used for any group you choose. For example, you can create lists for co-workers, best friends, hobby groups, brands, or fans of the same sports team.
1. To add an existing Twitter lists, click + Add Stream, choose the Lists tab and you’ll see any lists you own or are subscribed to.
2. Don’t have any lists? No problem, lists are easy to create. Just add a stream, choose lists and fill in the name, description and url fields plus select public or private.
3. For a fast way to manage your lists, hover over the Launch Bar and choose Contacts. Select the related Twitter profile to see followers and lists. Then, just drag and drop user avatars on top of the desired list.

More Owls

Did you know that HootSuite is available for free on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android mobile platforms? There is also a suite of desktop version, browser extensions for Firefox, apps for Google Chrome, and other ways to integrate HootSuite into your work flow.

Next Jump Start

Thanks again for using HootSuite. The next Jump Start will share tips for analytics and statistic reports. Don’t forget we’re always just a hoot away at the Help Desk for more advice, troubleshooting or tutorials. Plus, you can continue to become an expert through the HootSuite University Program.

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